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Internet Marketing Copywriter
Tom Woodhead

I am an Internet marketing copywriter, but what exactly does that mean? Well, primarily that that is where my experience is. The fact is, copywriters are made not born. The individual copywriter's academic, business, and life experience are important factors in determining a fit for your organization.

I've taken a circuitous route to becoming an Internet marketing copywriter. In fact, I've done many different types of writing, starting with restaurant menus, then moving on to academic writing, then technical writing, business writing, print copywriting, and finally to websites and SEO.

The route I took to get here differentiates me from the majority of marketing copywriters. My writing has always been information-rich, which is a very good thing when you're writing for the Web, because the Web is an information medium, and people looking for information on the Web don't take kindly to marketing fluff.

Most of my business actually comes to me via referrals, but it would be kind of ridiculous for an Internet marketing copywriter not to have a website, don't you think? It's the old story of the shoemaker's son. So here is my website.

What Makes an Internet Marketing Copywriter Effective?

An Internet marketing copywriter should be able to do more than provide copy. He or she should also be a business analyst -- someone who makes the effort to understand your business and your strategic objectives, and applies that knowledge in the development of website architecture, copy, and other deliverables that further those objectives.

He or she should understand that both emotion and reason have roles to play in selling online. While buying decisions are often made on the basis of emotion, your customers still want to know they've made the right decision, so you need to articulate a sales argument. The Internet is where people go for the information they need to make informed buying decisions. You can't hide behind marketing speak. Pretty is not synonymous with effective.

Internet Marketing Copywriter Capabilities

Internet marketing is about selling, plain and simple. If your website doesn't sell, then it's merely a decoration - and probably a very expensive one.

Here are some of the capabilities you should look for in a freelance Internet marketing copywriter:

  • Work with your website design professionals to build a website that supports your brand, and converts prospects to customers.
  • Perform organic search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure each page on your website attracts the attention of highly qualified prospects via all major search engines.
  • Provide SEO copywriting that illuminates the value of your company, products, and services, engages prospects, and calls them to action.
    Help you use email marketing (the tail that wags the Internet dog) to keep your company front-of-mind throughout the sales cycle.
  • Write white papers to simplify the complexity of your products and services and underscore their benefits.
  • Write case studies to illustrate the challenges you've met, the solutions you've provided, and the benefits your customers have experienced.

Internet Marketing Copywriter Qualifications

What should you look for in a freelance Internet marketing copywriter? Obviously, you want someone who is going to produce quality work on time and for a reasonable fee, but beyond that, what should you look for? For me, there are several keys:

  • Work experience
  • Life experience
  • Customer focus -- the Web is an information medium, and people use it to research products and services to make informed buying decisions, so you have to present the information they're looking for in a format that is useful to them. Anything else is fluff and marketing hype – neither of which sells on the Web.

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